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Tuesday, 18th February 2020

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Easiest Way To Check Show-Timings At All The Multiplexes In Gurgaon

We all love watching movies. Some people like watching movies online or on TV and some like to watch when it releases at the theatres. It is an awesome experience that makes you feel like you are in another world and living the life of the characters in the movie. The whole concept of sitting in a dark room, surrounded by so many people, but still feeling like you are the only one there is quite amazing. Spending time with your friends in groups at the cinemas along with popcorn and other eateries is a great feeling.

Know about all your options

Wouldn’t it be a bummer though, if you did not know about all your options beforehand and you end up spending a lot of time on travel to go to a particular multiplex, when there was another one closer to you? You could have spent less time on travelling and fussing about whether you would make it on time for the movie or not?

Whether it is the local theatres or the big multiplex cinemas in Gurgaon, we have gathered all the information about them here, on our website. You will never ever have to miss another movie again. Just go through the list and find the closest PVR multiplex in Gurgaon.

If you are planning for a get together with a few friends and need details about all the multiplex cinema halls in Gurgaon, then you can just search for it right here. You can easily get to know which cinema hall has a particular movie at a specific time. No more asking all your friends to help you out, or look through several newspapers to get the answers. Planning for movies can now be very easy.

Getting the exact thing you want

Want to watch a particular movie in 3D or in 5D? You have come to the right place. All you have to do is search for 5D or 3D multiplex in Gurgaon in our index to find theatre halls that have the option. Want to watch only at PVR, but don’t know where the nearest one is?

We have proper addresses and location of all the movie theatres in Gurgaon, including PVR. This means that you can check out all the places that the city has to offer before deciding. If you prefer local and small theatres, then you can find listings of those here as well.

  • You can check the reviews and comments section to find out whether a particular theatre is good or not.
  • You can give the feedback yourself if you have been to any of the places that already exist in the listings. This way, other people will be able to see the reviews and decide if they want to visit that particular place.

At Gurgaon Bazaar free classifieds, we offer info about everything in Gurgaon be it theatres or other public places.

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