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Friday, 6th December 2019

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Inverter, UPS and Batteries


List of Inverters dealers in Gurgaon

Today, practically all appliances used in our house and many other electrical equipments run on inverters. During power cuts, inverters are extremely useful as backup power unit. With optimally charged batteries you are able to use TV, lights, computers, kitchen appliances, and other conveniences that run on electricity.

We offer a list of inverter shops in Gurgaon on our local classified site. Actually, it is a one-stop shop for the local community, who look online for part time jobs, used cars, service stations, schools, beauty parlours, book shops, ATM and more.

Best Inverter Batteries That Last Long

We have a list of inverters and battery dealers in Gurgaon on our site. You must be well aware that there are plenty of shops dealing with inverters available and so many other outputs and large assortment of power ratings. However, it is confusing to decide, which one suits you or the kind of inverter to invest in.

On our site you will find suitable dealers, if not you can take the help of our friendly staff. First define your needs that is, which appliance or equipment you need it for. Now, you can decide whether it is a pure sine wave or square (modified) wave inverters you need.

Second step is to calculate how much power is necessary to determine the inverters power rating capacity or the total power load you will apply on it.

On our site you can search for the battery and inverter distributors under appropriate category. If you look in our directory, you will find that it is in an alphabetical order, which makes locating the referred shops near your area easy.

Contact a few inverter dealers in Gurgaon talk to them about your needs and the price of same model. You can easily compare the quotes and get a good deal. Thus, you can save a little cash. Moreover, you can even save more if you buy a battery too. Remember to ask for their customer service policy.

Post classified ad for free?

Posting ads on Gurgaon Bazaar site is easy. It is similar to posting classified ads in local newspaper, but the only difference is that the ads posted on our site will be noticed as long as you desire providing exposure to your services or products a vast audience.

Convenient and simple process

To post an ad you do not have to register or log in. For example, if you deal in inverter batteries just click ‘Add a Business’ button, fill the form (select the right category) and submit. You will be sent an e-mail instantly. Just click the confirmation link and see your ad go live. Our ads are targeted to the community in and around the Gurgaon area. We get high traffic daily and you are sure to get lots of hits everyday because the local public always depend on our site for seeking products or services.


# Hits
1  Shri Shiv Shakti Technology 446
2  Dynamic Solar Systems 722
3  Solar System Corporation 697
4  Hbl Power Systems Limited 1084
5  Bharat Invertor & Battery House 1027
6  Yadav Invertor 801
7  Su - Kam Inverter 559
8  Sai Battery 489
9  Bhalla Batteries 4
10  Venus Power System 232
11  Reliable Appliance Maintenance Pvt. Ltd 145
12  Vishwakarma Electrical 223
13  Omega Batteries & Invertors 348
14  A D Batteries & Invertors 508
15  Pahuja Air Conditioning And Battery 207
16  Raj Trading Company 50
17  Veekay Traders 231
18  Delhi Electronics 215
19  Imperial Electrical Agency 250
20  Venus Digital Color Lab 235
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